shooting on the fly

On my commute I always carry one of my cameras. These photos were taken while commuting, using a variety of my cameras (some old, some new, some shiny and expensive, some cheap and crappy). Be it by bus, train, car or walking along the street, mostly in San Francisco or the East Bay, these are shots taken from the hip, quickly but purposefully composed, or somewhere in between----but all taken on the fly...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Taken from out the sunroof of my car while crossing one of San Francisco's more famous of bridges
August, 2006

Contax T2, Fuji Acros

Downtown San Francisco
March, 2005

Cosina SW-107 (Bessa L)
Voigtlander 15mm Color-Heliar lens, Fuji Acros

Downtown San Francisco
April 2005
Taken through the distorted and crazed fibreglass bus window as we exited the bay bridge and approached the Transbay Terminal

Leica M3, 50/2 Summitar lens, Ilford XP2 film

Steel plant along I-80, Berkeley, California
May, 2006

Contax G2, 45/2 Planar lens, Fuji Velvia (desaturated)

Autumn trees, San Ramon, California
October, 2005
(with "English cookie tin" photoshop treatment)

Leica MP, 50/2 Summitar lens, Kodak Gold 200 film

Typical SF apartment building facade.
Taken from the California 1 Muni bus. Sacramento St, near Hyde

Praktica FX, 50/1.8 Super-Takumar lens, Kodak Gold 200 film

"Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" rendition of the Mexican Consulate in SF.
From the Transbay bus terminal approach ramp coming off the bay bridge.

Zorki rangefinder, Kodak Gold 200 film

A random group on Market St, San Francisco
February, 2006

Contax T2 camera, Fuji Neopan 400 film